Buying and selling aircraft is an essential part of the life-cycle support we offer to our clients. Buying aircraft from owners in our client base gives you the opportunity to start your operation within a very short timeframe.

T.I.I.-Jetservices is specialized in the fields of aircraft leasing, financing, asset management and remarketing. Our team has a proven track record of more than 15 years in commercial aviation, which is the core of our long-term success.

Acquisition Services

We will consult with you and your team to chose the right aircraft for your needs. We will consider trip distances, trip frequency, cargo needs, runway issues, and passenger comfort to select the right aircraft. Once you’ve decided on a particular class of aircraft, we’ll help you find one to acquire. The successful acquisition of an aircraft involves a thorough understanding of tax issues, regulatory compliance, insurance issues, and financing or leasing. Our team will help you to thoroughly understand each of the issues before you sign an aircraft purchase or leasing agreement.

Business Jet Sales

As your exclusive agent, T.I.I.-Jetservices will differentiate your aircraft from the other jets on the market by giving it prominent market exposure, thereby maximizing the selling price and minimizing the selling time. Marketing and selling your aircraft is a complex and involved process. Issues include a competent analysis of the aircraft’s condition, including the status of required inspections, pending overhauls and other capital improvements that affect the aircraft value. Our transactions are well planned and managed every step of the way.